Ever try to redefine your life? It means CHANGE!

We decided to do just that…move our business in new directions.  (By the way “WE” is Paul and Sara Smith – affectionately referred to as Smith Leadership) We had no idea how much change it would be.    Redesigning our business is designing who we need to become.  I want you to understand, we have history together , Paul and me.  We’ve spent most of our adult life together, raised one child and now a share a business.  And yet, we are starting newly.

It had me pondering the depths and impact of change.  After all…what if the business fails?  It sounded like a surefire idea!   What if we lose everything because the business fails?  What if Paul decides he’s had enough and leaves because our business fails and we lose everything?   WHOA.  Now my imagination has gone too far.  Stop the train!

See, now you are where I’ve been…notice the impact of CHANGE.  For me, the initial

Pushme PullU

impact is almost always negative.  I always wonder what is going to be taken away…. what am I going to lose?  Aren’t we humans funny?  Here I am – at this point in my life –  wanting change…in fact, HUNGRY for change and the first voice that speaks up would pull me back into what-has-been.

So we are faced with the question, “What does it take to be a professional change agent…no kidding?”  Paul and I are finding that we have to stare down the part of us that would be frightened.  We have to be comfortable with ambiguity – not knowing the outcome.  And we need to celebrate every success…you know, like Thursday when new business cards  showed up with the new logo.  Celebration reminds us we are taking successful steps toward our dream.  Hope comes from celebration.

Bringing change to the world is an important leadership skill.  Its a skill that requires managing those voices of despair that live within us so that we choose to see what’s possible and be resilient in the face challenge!!