Reflection on a Goal Accomplished

I completed a Big Hairy Hairy Goal this week (thanks, Jim Collins, for the term BHAG!)  I’ve been a coach fImageor 11 years and over 4000 coaching hours ago.  Somewhere about month 6 of my coaching career, I decided I wanted to be a MASTER Coach.  I had some mentors who were just amazing and I wanted to grow up to be like them!  I wanted it.  Let me be clear, I REALLY wanted it.  Here’s the funny part, I didn’t tell anyone, it just seemed to big.  That way, if I didn’t make it, no one were actually know I had failed.  However, I counted hours with a thoroughness that didn’t show up in the rest of my life and FAILURE become an important element of the story….fast forward to the present.

I gathered my education hours, contacted almost every client I ever coached, got letters of recommendations and documented over 3000 coaching hours.  I submitted the package and waited.  Finally, after 23 months, 3 weeks and 1 day in the examination process (that would include waiting in line for exam date, 1 failed recorded session and 1 failed live session, 1 seriously angry, self-justified, wronged me followed by soul searching, mentoring, lots of practice more waiting in line for an exam date, I finally experienced success – recorded and live session passed) I was awarded the Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation.

What I find amazing is how the process redesigned me.  The goal was so important I was willing to toss  my image of me as a coach, admit defeat and rebuild myself in a new image.  I learned a bunch about goals.  If a big goal is worth it –

  • Ego must take a back seat – you may find that you are not up to the task – YET
  • You’ll likely venture into unknown territory – it takes courage
  • Learning is more important than looking good

It was humbling – still is.  I realized that being a master coach is not something I achieved.  It is something I aspire to become…every day.  I learned and I learned.  And I am eternally grateful to all those who help me along the way.