About Sara Smith – coach, leadership consultant and life long learner

I am Sara Smith, a coach and transformational consultant.  There are a lot of us around and I think that is a good thing.  The world and her people can use a lot of help, so its good to have company!  What makes me unique is my journey from sales in IBM to management to consultant and coach.  I got a lot a experience in the business world while at Big Blue.  I was far, far away from the corporate leadership and then I was in the midst of it.

I had the opportunity to become a part of the IBM global transformation team.  What an opportunity!  I was in the heart of one of the greatest companies in the world with the opportunity to learn how to be a professional change agent, consultant and executive coach.  I was in that place for nearly 8 years – with opportunities to help parts of the organization move their organizations to higher levels of performance.

I left in 2007, ready to take my skills on the road.  By the way, I still consider myself an IBMer.  After nearly 30 years, I will always claim that heritage proudly.  Since I left, I’ve worked with executives in companies of all sizes…with all levels of leadership abilities.  It has been a great journey so far.  My clients are responsible for leading cross-organizational teams, integrating new processes and increasing revenue in a rapidly changing business environment.

I am CEO of Smith Leadership, LLC.  My clients include executives of global firms as well as regional ones.  I love to work with CEOs, CFOs and global sales executives and their teams.  Together we develop leadership that invites followers to come along.  My stake in this work is to bring hope and possibilities into businesses…it is the stuff that great success is made of!  I distinguish herself through the variety of approaches, tools and the experiences I brings.  I am a master at helping people change and increase their effectiveness.  Together we can reinvent organizations.

I mentioned being a life long learner – i’ve also served as an adjunct professor at the SMU, Cox School of Business where I taught Leader as Coach to MBA students.  I’m also a guest instructor at Phillips Theological Seminary and Brite Divinity School teaching the fundamentals of leadership and emotional intelligence to doctoral students.  

I hold bachelor and masters degrees from Texas Christian University and am certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation.   I have studied coaching with the The Coaches Training Institute and the Teleos Leadership Group . I am certified to use behavioral and values surveys by Tilt 360 Leadership and the HayGroup .  I’m also certified by the Arbinger Group and the Bigger Game Company.

A great love - talking about emotional intelligence with leaders


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