Scarcity and abundance

It has been interesting to watch the reactions of people as the 2014 college football season winds down. I heard one coach interviewed whose team did not make the top four list. He was downright cranky in his interview. Another coach who was in a similar position was gracious and complimentary of his team.glass_half_full_empty_1600_clr_5473

The two coaches actually said similar things to say. What was different was their demeanors. One was looking at a glass half empty; the other’s glass was half full. Just for the record, in a life of scarcity there are only a few scenarios where there is enough. In a life of abundance there is gratitude and acknowledgment for what is. There is always more on the horizon. Let me be clear – living a life of abundance is not about settling for second-best. It’s about embracing what is available and being ready to strive for more – because there’s always more available.

How we see life sets the stage for how we respond to the circumstances of life. One coach was cranky. The other coach was gracious. And since they are college instructors, the question that always comes up for me is, “what are you teaching?”   #CoachtoCoach

To write a book….

It’s like giving a gift to the world.  I’ve just published Coach to Coach: Emotional Intelligence and Leadership for Winning Coaches.  It was written because of my growing work with athletic coaches.  I’ve come to recognize how much sports coaches  must lead and how little opportunity they have to learn the art and science of leadership.

Without some guidance, we are left to to 1) our instincts and 2) remembering what others before us have done so we can copy.  I think back to my former managers – some were great role models and others, not so much.  It wasn’t until I was invited to learn, then teach leadership at IBM that I got insight into all that is involved in solid leadership.

Since working with college coaches, it’s been clear they face the same problems I did before I got some training!   So Coach to Coach offers stories and practical exercises to learn emotional intelligence and leadership.  We talk about everything from the way to listen effectively to leveraging CELEBRATION for a team competitive advantage.  So today, I want to thank those coaches who have been on this journey.  My great thanks go to Kyla Holas, Head Softball Coach and the University of Houston and her counterpart in baseball, Todd Whitting.  They trusted this business consultant/executive coach to become a part of their world and discover the uniqueness and similarities.  Emotional intelligence is a differentiator in a sports program as much as it is in business.

So, it’s out there.  Yes, writing a book is like giving a gift to the world and then stepping back and hoping they like it.  #CoachtoCoach

Coach to Coach