And so I repaired the sprinkler system myself!

Not to worry, this blog is not about DIY or about how to keep a well running lawn sprinkler system. It’s about limiting beliefs. Funny, it’s a theme that has been showing up for the last week or so–I guess it wants to be written about!

So the limiting belief here–I noticed a sprinkler head laying on its side–the belief: I’ve got to find someone to fix it. Now there’s a $200 reaction. So since I’ve been playing with limiting beliefs I decided to steer the challenge in the face and repair it myself. To make a long story short and to get to the actual point I can wrap that part of the story up by telling you it was really a simple repair and I got it done in a matter of minutes.

The real story is what is the impact of limiting beliefs? The reaction that, “I can’t do it!”? And if that’s not bad enough, that reaction comes with a feeling of helplessness and inadequacy. A limiting belief has me play small and often scared. Okay, okay, fixing a sprinkler system isn’t a life altering event. I get it.

What does have the potential of being a life altering, is becoming aware of the forces that would design us if we allow them–the critical voices in our heads that say, “you can’t do that!” When that voice shows up, I find that I am no longer a choice, I’ve become a victim. Limiting beliefs. Beliefs. What is it in your life you want to believe in? What is possible, or what is limiting?


One thought on “And so I repaired the sprinkler system myself!

  1. Thanks, coach, for helping me work through my limiting beliefs today. Just finished my informational interview with my “friend” (her word!). LOL. It was a great call. You are so awesome in helping me maintain a healthy, useful and self-affirming perspective. Many heartfelt thanks!

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