Personal Evolution

Ever wonder the impact of personal change? We were having a leisurely breakfast this morning before we hooked up our trailer to begin the 2 day trek back home. It is very unlike us to do that – be leisurely on a travel day. Generally we divide up the chores and hit is hard so we can get on the road. Not so much this morning. In fact, while drinking coffee at Harry’s Roadhouse just outside Santa Fe, Paul mentioned that his “current” self was OK with the new mode and was not stressed.

I began to think about being intentional about change along with his (and our) “current” self. Consider what it means to intentionally evolve. Curious beings, we humans. We get caught up in areas of comfort and think they are good just because it they are constant and predictable. I think of the constants – the defaults I carry with me. It occurs to me that some of those comfort zones are helpful – like brushing me teeth or not texting while driving. On the other hand, there are other comfort zones like turning on a TV or checking my iPhone (a lot) that aren’t as helpful. Personal evolution is when we become conscious enough to be aware of defaults and decide which should be continued and which should be stopped.

I like the idea of “current” state of being because it implies intentionality. And I want to live my life with intention. So I love that Paul’s current self was OK with ease. I love the fact that he is evolving on purpose. In fact, I want to be right there, too- inspired by him and held accountable by his example.

So I wish for you uncertainty (because that is what change offers) and evolution in your life.


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